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On the occasion of the Oral Site publication by Tom Engels and Tessa Theissen More Than One Tie in April 2013, Sarma compiled a small collection of texts on the work of Antonia Baehr.

The collection includes interviews and essays on practice by Antonia Baehr herself and some of her close collaborators, such as Wiliam Wheeler, Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz. Next to reviews and essays by writers affiliated with Sarma, such as Constanze Klementz, André Lepecki and Jeroen Peeters, the collection includes several texts that are published here for the first time. These comprise the letter and the script of Facing For Faces, a dialogue presented by Baehr and Klementz at Mousonturm in Frankfurt in May 2011. The unabridged version of the dialogue by Antonia Baehr and Xavier Le Roy printed in Baehr's book Rire/Laugh/Lachen (2008) is made available here in French and English. As a whole, the collection is complementary to the large selection of reviews available on Antonia Baehr's website.

Editor Sarma: Jeroen Peeters
Editorial assistance: Wendy De Pauw and Tom Engels

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Author Title Publication Year
Yvane Chapuis Antonia Baehr, William Wheeler: holding hands. Without you I am nothing Questions d'artistes 2011
Tom Engels Between Solitaire and a Basketball Game. Dramaturgical Strategies in the Work of Antonia Baehr Bastard or Playmate? 2012
Constanze Klementz Der Teufel steckt im Nilpferd Märkische Allgemeine 2007
Antonia Baehr, Xavier Le Roy Entretien Rire Laugh Lachen 2008
Antonia Baehr Facing For Faces Sarma 2011
Antonia Baehr, Constanze Klementz Facing For Faces Sarma 2011
Jeroen Peeters Facing empathy’s secret routes Corpus 2010
Antonia Baehr, William Wheeler Holding hands Programme note 2001
Antonia Baehr, Xavier Le Roy Interview Antonia Baehr / Xavier Le Roy Rire Laugh Lachen 2008
Antonia Baehr Lachen Positionen 2009
Pieter T'Jonck Leven na Brecht De Tijd 2004
Jeroen Peeters Sluipwegen van de empathie Etcetera 2013
André Lepecki To be done with absurd existence Programme note 2013
Jeroen Peeters Waarom kijken we naar dieren? Etcetera 2013
Jeroen Peeters Why do we look at animals? Etcetera 2013
Sabine Ercklentz , Andrea Neumann At a Certain Point I Thought It Was Too Holy 2011
Jeroen Peeters Hoe zichzelf een houding geven, hoe zichzelf uitspreken? Etcetera 2008
Sabine Ercklentz , Andrea Neumann Mir war das irgendwann zu heilig! Echtzeitmusik 2011
Andrea Neumann Playing Inside Piano Echtzeitmusik 2011
Constanze Klementz Sehen lassen, was nicht geschah, um gesehen zu werden 2010

Results 1-20 of 22, page 1 of 2