In the past


walk + talk documents Reykjavik (May 2015)

walk+talk documents is an ongoing multimodal publication around Philipp Gehmacher's walk+talk series, in which choreographers introduce their movement language in a lecture-demonstration. It includes annotated videos, multimodal essays on utterance and on space, and a text collection on practice. Now the latest performances in Reykjavik by Margrét Bjarnadóttir, Erna Omarsdóttir and Philipp Gehmacher are available as annotated videos. Forthcoming is an essay by Alexander Roberts.


Writers in Residence (2015)

Dramaturges and theoreticians Bojana Cvejic and Ana Vujanovic are Sarma´s writers in residence. Over the next three years they will engage in a research project titled Performance of the Self, which will lay out the link between solo performances and contemporary manifestations of individualism and unfold the performative relations between the configuration of masses and the cult of personality in the public sphere. This venture is a next step of their previous collaborative research project which resulted in the publication of the book Public Sphere by Performance (2012, b_books Berlin).

In the frame of this residency, Sarma will host the launch of Bojana Cvejic´s upcoming book Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in European Contemporary Dance and Performance later this Spring. More details will follow soon!