Open Dramaturgy

Open dramaturgy refers to the idea that communal and collaborative contexts like laboratoria, salons and workshops have an as important impact on the artistic process as the one-to-one relation between dramaturge and artist.


VoiceLab3 - Part 1: Lab OF MIKES AND SPEAKERS (April 2014)

In the framework of Voicelab3, Myriam Van Imschoot organized a lab at the Pianofabriek in Brussels (25-30 April 2014). The purpose of this lab was to zoom into the components of mediated vocal performance by looking at the artistic potential of the use of micropones and loudspeakers in the theater space. Together with composer Cathy Van Eck and sound artist Fabrice Moinet the participants explored how various spatial, sonic and conceptual configurations allow us to experiment with different registers of performance and listening.

The lab included the open event Speaking of Mikes, Speakers and Acoustics, an evening of artist talks, performance and lecture on 26 April 2014.


VoiceLab3 - Part 2: Lab ‘Nature calls´ (May 2014)

Performance artist Myriam Van Imschoot organized a one week lab at BUDA in Kortrijk (12-16 May 2014) on the way humans can imitate with their voice their natural surroundings.

Three modules were open for everyone who wants to experience and experiment.


Voicelab2: workshop and lab (November 2012)

VoiceLab (April 2010). The first Open Dramaturgy lab in collaboration with WorkSpace Brussels, organized by Myriam Van Imschoot. In preparation, a smaller lab on sound editing was organized in February 2010.

Slowing down the process of disappearance. A small lab on documentation with the walk+talk project of Philipp Gehmacher and Alexander Schellow at the Kaaistudio's in Brussels (March 2011).

Popela’s Paralipomena, a lab on scores, experimental writing and collective discursive practices curated by Jeroen Peeters (Nov. 2011). With Shila Anaraki, Julien Bruneau, Mette Edvardsen, Jack Hauser, Leslie Mannès, Manon Santkin, Sarah Vanhee, Myriam Van Imschoot.

Dilettantism unbounded, a lab on conducting through images with Jennifer Lacey and Die Unbändigen (June 2012).


Enchanting Scores: Workshop (November 2013)

Can ‘enchanting scores’ create the conditions for alternative forms of relationality and agency to emerge? Exploring the critical potential of trance practices in today’s art and society was at the heart of Enchanting Scores, a four-days event organized by Sarma in collaboration with choreographer and visual artist Julien Bruneau.
In a workshop at Bains Connective in Brussels (November 19-21, 2013), Julien Bruneau and Arnaud Halloy worked towards collective drawings and a shared mythology, based on scores that provide a set of constraints triggering a dynamic interplay between interiority and collectivity. Addressing practices of trance and other non-ordinary states, the workshop explores diverse modes of relationality and opens up the question of human agency. How do we relate to an overwhelming stream of corporeal sensations, thoughts, emotions and imagination?

Extensive documentation of Enchanting Scores is available here.

An interview by Julien Bruneau with philosopher Isabelle Stengers on their respective collective thinking practices is avalaible on the page Désamalgamer la pensée (in French).


Yodel Intensive (December 2012)

On December 4th & 5th, 2012, Myriam Van Imschoot organized a two days yodel intensive in arts centre CAMPO (Gent). She invited the yodel queen from Berlin, DOREEN KUTZKE, to initiate a large group of people interested in yodeling. Film maker Pablo Castilla, with whom Myriam often collaborates, was present to integrate the medium of video. The workshop concluded with a simple group piece.

You can find documentation on the yodel intensive here

This workshop is part of a residency of Myriam Van Imschoot at Workspace Brussels/Sarma & CAMPO, during which she prepares a series of yodel studies and vocal works.

Physical dramaturgy - Backtracking with Martin Nachbar & Jeroen Peeters (June 2011)

Against the interdisciplinary with DD Dorvillier and David Bergé (September 2011)

Playing Dilettant Dramaturge, or What Criteria for What Purpose? with Jennifer Lacey (June 18-22, 2012)

Talking ahead of one's thoughts with Sarah Vanhee (October 15-19, 2012)