Artistic objective

Sarma 27 Feb 2003English

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Contextual note
This artistic statement was rewritten for this publication on Sarma, on the occasion of its colloquium 'Unfolding the Critical' (March 2003).

Art equals politics

This statement is the starting point for impure company’s activities. It signifies what art is and should be.
Politics is social awareness.
I am interested to communicate, to have a comment, to question and activate. The functionality of my activities is important.


I don’t differ between what I am, and what I do.
No limits exist except the limits, which exist within me.
There are no new forms. There is nothing new, definitely not us.
No illusions (it is funny that we choose to work with art).
We will try to meet our audience with sincerity on equal level. Which is almost impossible since we know what is going to happen, and you don’t. We have to pretend since we are performing.
I still mean it is important to work on equality, sincerity and being direct.
We all have our selfish reasons, so do I.
It is ok to be afraid.
No totality.

Personal processing – the individual

Through personal processing of a theme, and based on the individual, impure tries to achieve direct and unpretentious performances.
As “ being individual” we have already failed, since we present ourselves as a group; impure company. Anyway we will try our best, and if it’s not good enough for you, maybe next time.