Alles Leinwand?

Afterwords: Antony Rizzi, 'Judy was angry' / 9 Aug 2002English

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Contextual note
This text is part of the project Afterwords, curated by Jeroen Peeters for the festival ImPulsTanz Vienna in summer 2002. Every night, three critics in residence shared their impressions and thoughts on the performances immediately after having seen them, in an act of instantaneous writing. During the process of writing, these comments were projected in the theatre lobby and later that night made available on the websites and

A selection of the texts by Jeroen Peeters is available on Sarma, in a slightly edited version, sometimes with a postscript. Two essays elucidate the project Afterwords and reflect on its poetical and political implications. To retrieve the material, search under: ‘Afterwords’.

A revue? Stand-up comedy? Circus? A theatre? Theatre? Theater maybe? Cinema? Hollywood? Television? Big brother? Reality TV? Reality? A pop concert? A concert? Pop? Cardboard? Silicone? Flesh? Puppets? Foam? Trash? Crap? Soap? Pathos? Flatness? Comedy? Art? Tragedy? Parody? Modernism? A parody of modernism? Postmodernism? A parody of postmodernism? A parody of neo-postmodernism? A parody of a parody of a parody? A formulation? A performance? Dance? Ballet? Temptation island? Plants? Spectators? People? Business? Showbizz? Show? Wow? Judy? Prince? Andy? Antony? ...?

1. Take a blender
2. Put all the intuitions in
3. Push the start-button
4. Look at the result
5. Try to give it a match, whether you are a performer, a spectator or just someone

Alles Leinwand?


Postscript November 2002: ‘Alles Leinwand?’ is a typical Austrian expression. Its is used in daily conversations and means simply: ‘How are you doing?’ and is answered by the same words. ‘Leinwand’ is German for ‘film screen’, which explains the etymology and the resonances of the expression: ‘How are you doing?’ – ‘I am doing fine, as in Hollywood!’.