Last update: June 2014


Pages (under Sarmasite) show search results for related documents automatically after their contents. This behaviour can be switched off (by unchecking the Show search checkbox), or else customized by entering a specific search query in the Search field. By default, Show search will search for the page's name.

For example, for page "Anthology Pieter T'Jonck", rather than searching for the text "Anthology Pieter T'Jonck", a custom search is given:

author:"Pieter T'Jonck"

A Redirect can be given for a page to automatically forward a visitor from one page to another. Type the title of the page to forward visitors to. Pages with a redirect will not display their content or search results.

Merging & Moving Tags

People, Works, Organisations, Keywords, and Collections (in Sarmadocs) can be merged and moved via the listing pages in the Django administration page.

Merging Tags

Check the checkboxes of all the tags you want to merge (including the preferred tag), and select Merge selected tags from the Action menu and click Go. A second page will display a list of the selected tags and allow you to pick the preferred tag, that is the tag you want all other tags to be updated to use. NB: After merging, references to the old tags will be lost (and it's not undo-able), so be sure you mean it.

Moving Tags

You can move tags between categories with this function. For instance, you could move a set of "keywords" of people's names to the "Person" category. Select the tags with the checkboxes and select Move selected tags from the Action menu, then click Go. A second page allows you to pick the new category and complete the move. This change is not un-doable.