Diana Theodores


Diana Theodores was dance critic for The Sunday Tribune in Ireland from 1984-1992, the first established column on dance in a national paper in the country. Her reviews chronicle a struggling and often turbulent period of dance's "coming of age" in Ireland over the decade. She is currently Dance Writer In Residence at the Institute For Choreography and Dance at Firkin Crane in Cork, Ireland. For Sarma she offers a selection of essays and articles on dance criticism written between 1979 and 2002.


Diana Theodores (BA, MFA, PhD) grew up in the suburbs of New York City and in Bogota, Colombia. Over the years she has directed and choreographed in theatre, dance and opera and taught in universities and conservatories internationally. Currently she teaches and researches at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, UK, one of the foremost experimental arts institutions in Europe. She is the first commissioned Dance Writer in Residence at the ICD in Cork, Ireland (1999-2004). Publications include First We Take Manhattan:Four American Women and the New York School of Dance Criticism , Writing Dancing/Righting Dance, and an extensive range of dance criticism for print and broadcast media. She is currently completing a book on choreographers of Ireland due for publication in June 2003.

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Author Title Publication Year
Diana Theodores Poetics Diana Theodores Sarma 2002
Diana Theodores Choreographing the question: a dramaturg and choreographer in dialogue Dance Theatre: an International Investigation 1999
Scott deLahunta Dance Dramaturgy: speculations and reflections Dance Theatre Journal 2000
Diana Theodores Towards a method in dance criticism Dance spectrum: Critical, Philosophical Enquiry 1982
Diana Theodores Rehabilitating Dance Criticism Dance Theatre Journal 2002
Diana Theodores On critics and criticism of dance New directions in dance 1979
Diana Theodores Report - Dance Critic in Ireland Dance Chronicle 1996
Diana Theodores Formalist then feminine: the New York School Dance Theatre Journal 1995

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